Poverty Alleviation

Poverty has been defined in the literature from two perspectives; the narrow economic perspective and the expansive cultural perspective. The economic perspective defined poverty in terms of the external circumstances that influence a person’s behaviour, especially with respect to economic discussions and transactions like the purchase of consumer goods, the acquisition of skills and the provision of productive services.

In this regard, poverty is defined as a state of deprivation in terms of both economic and social indicators such as income, education, health care, portable water, access to food, social status, self esteem and self actualization.
Poverty connotes many things i.e. lack of material well-being, insecurity, low self confidence, psychological distress, unpredictability, lack of freedom of choice and action and inability to believe in one self.
We have therefore taken it as a responsibility to alleviate poverty in the society through our lay down plans.

Our Poverty Alleviation Programmes include…

  • Educational Scholarship
  • Material aid for the less privilege
  • Alleviating the plight of widow
  • Provide assistance and succour to orphans
  • Micro crediting plan

Skill Acquisitions

With the increasing rate of unemployment, there is need for our youth both graduate and undergraduate to acquire skills that are relevant to the society and that can sustain them in day to day living. Our youth must learn to start small and growth to become great in life.

Alleviate Poverty

Alleviating poverty in the society makes it a better living where everyone leaves beyond poverty level. Thereby creating society free of social vibes, increase in life expectancy and reduction in child mortality.

Mentorship Programme

There is need to learn from others how  they make it to the part of success in life and how they were able to overcome some obstacles in life. We provide comprehensive mentorship programmes for Entrepreneur, individual, youth, old e.t.c and consultancy package for corporate body.

Educational Scholarships

In order to overcome poverty and develop a good capacity for our upcoming children. There is need to provide financial aids to the less privileges who are unable to afford the basic school fees.

Youth Empowerment

Empowering the youth  is one of  our basic focus in Pethan Foundation. We believe that youth in the society should be empowered to be self sustenance in order to fulfill their aspirations.

Supporting Widows

Widows in the society deserve some cares. It is obvious in our society that widows pass through alot of struggle after the passing away of their husbands. It is therefore our responsibility as a society to support the flight for the widow.


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